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Vote Lora Hubbel to represent District 13 in the South Dakota Senate 

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Meet Lora

South Dakota Senate District 13 Candidate

  • I was born, raised, schooled, and married in South Dakota.

  • My husband Dr. Timothy Hubbel and I raised our family in South Dakota. We have three grown children and four amazing grandsons.

  • I am currently broker/owner of Great American Homes, a residential Real Estate Agency and contracting company in Sioux Falls.

  • I am a former South Dakota District 11 House Representative.

Click this video to hear from Lora.

My Values

Give the power back to the people and disable strong-governor, weak legislature that plagues South Dakota.

Stop the corruption, get to the bottom of EB5, gear up and other atrocities that have occurred under "Republican" oversight.


Support the 2nd Amendment

Family Values

Justice for those who inflict suffering on the weak, injured, infirmed, or ignorant for their gain.

Feverishly against ObamaCare, CommonCore, and Illegal Immigration.

Let's bring transparency and ethics back to the Senate, to Pierre, and to our great state of South Dakota.

“Lora has our state's best interests at heart at all times. She is truly a public servant and has a passion for making South Dakota even better .”

- Tony Dahl

“I appreciate how Lora stands up for those who are being taken advantage of. She values life and people.

- Greg Taylor

“I've worked with Lora for years and can promise you that she will fight for what's right, even when it's hard, unpopular, and full of hurdles.”

- Cheri Hanson


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Get to Know Lora

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